What is the difference between a cap and a baseball cap?

Caps and baseball caps have three differences in appearance, matching, and origin. 1, the difference in origin The name of the baseball cap comes from the United States. Baseball is very popular in the United States. In addition to athletes, the fans […]

What are the benefits of wearing a hat?

1, modify the face Different types of hats are also a good modification to the face. For a round face, you can choose an angular hat, not a round hat. You should wear a rounded hat on your face. Wear a round hat to make your face more rounded. Long f […]

Wearing a hat for hair benefits

Everyone will definitely find that many people wear a hat when they go out to play. The role of wearing hats varies from person to person. There are many different purposes. Can make hair dust and pollution In winter, the wind is heavy and the dust i […]

How to choose a spring and summer hat?

The cold winter has passed, the spring and summer season is coming, and it is the season that everyone likes. Everyone can be happy and happy to wear the clothes of their favorite spring garden season. I believe that there must be no hats in the spri […]
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