Hat size is big, solving skills

When you choose your own dressing, you will choose the hat as the main point of the match. Generally speaking, the hat plays a big role in the matching of the clothes. In order to make the face look less plump, some girls will choose a longer cap and […]

Which material hats are suitable for the elderly?

Summer is coming, many people will definitely go out with their hats when they go out. The sun is so big, and the hat is a must. So now many hat manufacturers will design and produce more different kinds of hats. Today, we will talk about the hooded […]

How to deal with the problem that the hat is dirty?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of people’s lives, many people will pay attention to some things. For example, many people now wear a good hat when they go out. But sometimes what should I do when the hat is dirty? The Shenzhen hat pr […]

What is the etiquette of wearing a hat?

In China, a state of ceremonies, many aspects need to pay attention. For example, everyone will notice some things when wearing a hat. What is the etiquette for wearing a hat for everyone? Here are some things about the etiquette of hat wear: 1. When […]
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