How to choose a sun hat?

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Several aspects to consider when choosing a hat

Wearing a suitable sun hat in summer can not only protect the skin from the sun, but also play a decorative role. The choice of sun hat is also particular about it. Here’s a look at sun hat selection skills:

1. Select according to the frequency of use: Those who work in the field in mid-summer should choose sun hats to pay attention to their sunshading functions. Light-colored and wide-eave straw hats and work hats are the most suitable. People working indoors only wear sun hats on the way to and from work, and should highlight their decorative functions in terms of style and color.

2. Choose according to body shape: For women with a well-shaped body, they have more room to choose sun hats; women with short and fat bodies should try to choose light-colored, narrow-brimmed sun hats; for people with shorter necks, use half and narrow eaves A sun hat is more suitable. If you choose a sun hat with a wide eaves, you will have a sense of depression; people with white skin can choose a sun hat with a bright color; people with dark skin should choose light red, orange, and light gray. Sun hat.

3. Choose according to hair style: For women with long hair, choose to wear a sun hat with a wide eaves around them, and you can receive the effect of protecting hair from the sun. For people with short hair, choose a sun hat with a wide or narrow eaves. .

4. Choose according to age: young people choose bright hats with novel styles, which is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle-aged people should highlight the generous, mature and calm age characteristics.

5. Choose according to temperament: When choosing a hat, pay attention to match your temperament. The lively girl can choose a sun hat with a bright contrast, a slightly exaggerated style, and a personality that highlights her personality. As a professional woman, you should choose a sun hat that can show ability but not lack of femininity.

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