Can peak caps make many girls face-lifting?

Many people now pay special attention to their appearance, especially when going out to play with a hat. It can be sunscreen and match your own clothes. However, many beautiful girls will think that they can lose their face. Let’s talk about th […]

A good hat can change a person’s temperament

The head is the main part of the human body and controls the central nervous system of a person’s overall thinking and physical movements. A good hat can not only protect the head, but also change one’s temperament. In addition to industr […]

Some matching knowledge of the winter court hat

Some of the matching details of the winter round hat, hurry up and take a look. The girl who likes watching movies must not forget those gorgeous round top hats worn by princesses and concubines in ancient European courts. The brims have been put on […]

Maintenance method of special material hat

1. The leather cap can be cleaned by slicing the onion, or you can use a cloth dipped in gasoline to wipe the test, which can achieve a good washing effect; 2. The stains on the fine felt hat can be scrubbed with ammonia and an equal amount of alcoho […]
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