Cotton cloth refers to cloth woven with cotton as raw material. It is a woven fabric made of cotton yarn or cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber blended yarn, with a cotton content of more than 70%.


Pure cotton cloth has good hygroscopicity and breathability; the cloth surface has a soft luster; the hand feels soft but not smooth; the cotton cloth’s grey cloth surface has fine impurities such as cottonseed crumbs; it is easy to wrinkle, and it will produce after grasping by hand Obviously wrinkled and difficult to recover.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cotton has a strong moisture absorption, and it should be taken out from time to time during the rainy season or in the humid areas of the south.
Pure cotton cloth has strong alkali resistance and can be washed with various soaps and detergents. The water temperature should be controlled below 35 ° C. It should not be soaked in detergent for a long time to prevent discoloration. Remember not to use too much force when washing to avoid fluffing on the surface. When ironing, the temperature is below 120 ° C, it is best to pad a white cloth to prevent it from fading and affecting the appearance. When drying, it is best to dry in a cool place or with the reverse side facing up. Do not let the sun shine directly, let alone expose it for too long. Store after drying.

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