Consider the style and material when purchasing advertising caps

There are certain skills in purchasing advertising caps. First of all, we must carefully choose the style and material. Because hats are ultimately sold to consumers, advertising hat manufacturers are required to pay great attention to the quality of […]

What kind of hats should children wear in autumn?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, adults have begun to pursue more and more fashion and pay attention to clothing matching. Of course, hats are indispensable, which also affects the children’s hat market. Compared with ad […]

How should I wear a fashion hat?

Today’s trendy men and women like to use stylish hats for an overall decoration. Then, the color of the hat is very particular. Properly matched is a beautiful scenery. 1. The simple black top hat outlines a simple and clean image, and the meta […]

The influence of silk screen on hat processing

General silk screen technology for the processing of hats. Hat processing usually prints some bright patterns on the hat. Water-based ink is one of the important raw materials for printing, and it is also the main factor affecting the quality of prin […]
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