Corduroy is a cotton fabric with cut and weft raised and a longitudinal fleece formed on the surface. Because the velvet strip is like a strip of wicker cord, it is called corduroy, also known as velvet cloth. The corduroy has a thick texture and good warmth, and is suitable for making autumn and winter outerwear, shoes and hat fabrics and curtains, curtains, sofa fabrics and other decorative items.

Corduroy velvet strips are round and plump, the fleece is abrasion-resistant, the texture is thick, the hand feels soft, and the warmth is good, so it is also very suitable for shoes and hats.
Corduroy should not be scrubbed vigorously or with a stiff brush. It should be scrubbed gently with a soft brush in the direction of the fluff. It should not be ironed. It should not be pressed during storage to keep the fluff full and standing. Printed corduroy is usually printed first and then brushed, so the pattern design must consider its effect after brushing, and the pattern should not be slender.



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