How do the hats of the tour group be maintained?

Since it is now a tourist season, we often see people from some tour groups traveling with a variety of baseball caps. Why do you need to wear a special travel cap with the group? First of all, the travel cap is also a good souvenir for travel. The t […]

Ways to choose hats for different face types

For hats with brims, you can also change, such as changing ribbons, cloth strips, etc., the brim can also grab a variety of different angles. When buying a hat, try on the mirror in the store, while imagining that you can make several different shape […]

How to choose the hat that suits you in spring and summer

For many MMs, summer is the season they least like. In order to effectively fight, mm are rubbing sunscreen and wearing sunglasses, the effect is average. So, how to add a weapon in addition to the 18 weapons to defend against foreign enemies? Now le […]

The benefits of wearing a cap

1, for hair dust and pollution In winter, the wind is heavy and the dust is heavy. Especially in today’s increasingly polluted era, when the hair is blown and invisible, the microbes and dust in the hair above the head are like the gravel on th […]
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