How can I clean my baseball cap without shrinking it?

Everyone usually wears a hat when they go out, but sometimes the hat is definitely dirty. Everyone will definitely find a way to wash their hats. The baseball caps that were bought before are washed with a brush and washed with detergent. After washi […]

What do you need to pay attention to when wearing a big hat?

The weather is very hot now, and the temperature outside is very high. Everyone will definitely go out with some sunshade. The hat has become a fashion to bring out, but for the big head, there will be a confusion, can not bring. Here are some things […]

How do you choose a hat during the rainy season?

Now, in some places, when it is raining, it will rain for a week. But at this time, everyone will go out to play. When playing outside, sometimes when you are in the rain, you definitely don’t want to bring an umbrella, so wearing a hat is the […]

What are the taboos for people wearing hats?

Now everyone’s life has changed better than before, and it will definitely be different from the previous lifestyle. For example, when you go out, you will be well protected. Wearing a hat is very necessary. But when you wear a hat, do you not […]
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