The influence of hat basic structure drawing on hat processing

The basic structure drawing of the hat and the impact of silk screen printing on the processing of the hat, I believe that many people want to understand. Today, the rise of hats, hats not only represent the trend, but also can protect the body. Ther […]

Tips for buying hats

Many people may not know that there are certain skills in choosing a hat. In order to make the face look less plump, you can choose a longer cap and asymmetric brim, which can increase the length of the face and appear three-dimensional. The octagona […]

Why hats are so popular

Maybe you think that people wearing hats are purely for decoration, but this is only a small part. The following hat manufacturers tell you why so many people like to wear hats? I. Keeping hair warm and cold: The head is called “Zhuyangzhihui&# […]

What’s the use of winter hat terry?

1.Blocking foreign objects such as snowflakes Terry hair can block snowflakes, scum, or other foreign matter from entering the hat. 2.Buffer the impact of the brim on the face Under extremely cold conditions, human skin is very fragile, and terry loo […]
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