Several aspects to consider when choosing a hat

How to choose a sun hat?
How to care and keep the hat

As we all know, hats are clothing worn on the head, most of which can cover the entire top of the head. It is mainly used to protect the head. Some hats have protruding edges to cover the sun. The hat has the functions of shading, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types and the choices are particular. Here we come to understand the main aspects of choosing a hat:

First, choose the right hat according to your face shape. Human face shapes can be roughly divided into three types: melon seeds, round faces, and Chinese characters. Sunflower face usually has a sharp chin and is more suitable for wearing a dome hat. If a round face wears a dome hat, it will look big and the hat small, so a peaked hat is more suitable. The national character face is easier to choose hats than the other two face shapes, and basically all hats are more suitable.

Second, choose a decent hat according to your figure. Tall people should not wear tall hats, hats should not be large or small, otherwise it will give people a feeling of light head and feet, high. A short person should not wear a big brim, otherwise he will look shorter.

Third, choose the matching hat according to the clothing. Plain clothes can choose bright or colorful hats to enhance the highlights and add embellishments. If the clothing is brighter or more fancy, it is better to choose a hat that is more plain in monochrome, so it is not too glamorous or too plain, which highlights elegance.

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