What is the size and cap size of children?

The weather is getting cold, parents will buy a hat for their baby to keep warm, and most parents will encounter such a problem when buying a hat, is to choose a good style, choose a good color but do not know how big to choose for the baby Hat, the […]

What are the tips for washing and maintaining hats?

1. It is best to stuff the knitwear hat with crumpled paper and cloth after washing, and then dry it. 2. The leather cap can be cleaned by slicing the onion, or you can wipe it with gasoline and wipe it with a feather, which can achieve a good washin […]

Precautions when maintaining and storing the hat

1. After we take off the hat, don’t place it randomly. Instead, hang it on the coat rack or on the clothes hook. Don’t put heavy objects on it to prevent the hat from deforming. 2. After wearing the hat for a long time, the inside and out […]

How to choose a baseball cap according to different skin colors?

Baseball caps have different functions such as sunshade, decoration, warming, and protection. Wearing baseball caps is the same as wearing clothes. You should try your best to avoid weaknesses. Even if you are satisfied, you should also make people l […]

Sun hat purchase points

The sun hat has the functions of covering the wind on a cloudy day, and shading on a sunny day. It is an essential daily product for men, women and children. Sun hat refers to the hat used to shield the sun, with a brim and different styles. Hat for […]

How to match the sun hat?

The sun hat has many functions, among which the sun hat has the functions of shading, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types and collocations. Let’s teach everyone how to match the sun hat! The polka dot patterned s […]

How to choose a hat for your child?

Hats are clothing worn on the head, most of which can cover the entire top of the head, it can play a good decorative effect, and can also keep warm in winter. Today’s hats can be divided into different types, such as high hats, sun hats, and s […]

Talking about the origin of baseball caps

The reason why baseball caps are called baseball caps is mainly from the United States. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most of the players who defend the first team in the game need to wear a baseball cap, so many fans will also w […]

Baseball cap with knowledge

Baseball caps are definitely a must-have for men’s and women’s hat cupboards, and because of their ease of use, men will never buy many baseball caps for their wardrobes in preparation for matching clothes on different occasions . How to […]

Hat and hairstyle

1.Big cap V for straight or curly hair The big cap is almost a versatile hat with a full contour and a face-modifying effect, suitable for different face shapes. In addition, its handsome neutral style can increase the sense of fashion. So, if you do […]
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