How to place a hat

How to place a hat: Pay attention to maintenance and storage of the hat. After taking off the hat, do not place it casually. It should be hung on a coat rack or on a clothes hook. Do not press on it to avoid distortion. The hat has been worn for a lo […]

How to choose a hat for different facial skin tones

For hats with brim can also be changed, such as changing ribbons, cloth strips, etc. The brim can also grasp a variety of different angles. When you buy a hat, try on the mirror in the store and imagine that you can make several different shapes whil […]

Children hat design concept

The requirements for children’s hats are relatively high. First of all, the style must be novel. Children’s hat factories decorate many children’s clothing with fashion elements such as rivets, sequins, rhinestones, etc. Although th […]

The most beautiful fashion hats in winter

The use of hats in winter provides a good warming effect. Pick one of your favorite hats. This is a must-have in winter. She must first keep warm and have a stylish appearance. But you have to know how to find such a perfect hat! This must be very di […]
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