The difference between custom hats and spot hats.

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Whether the hat is practical and beautiful is not only an important factor that cannot be ignored, not only the style, color, fabric, and pattern decoration. Use pattern exaggeration, deformation, combination of imagination, etc. to shape the image of the pattern, and create new hat shapes by applying different materials, different processes, and different expression methods. There are currently two types of hat purchases in the general market—customized and spot purchases. The customized price is expensive and has a certain period of time. The low cost of spot purchases takes a short time. The buyer can choose according to his own requirements and purchase budget. Whether to customize and spot purchase.

Hat customization is a complex process, and it takes production and demand parties to approve before they can start producing hats. Often the cost of time is higher than the value of the hat itself, but the value of the finished hat is also very large, such as an event promotion hat, which can play a good publicity effect, thereby increasing product sales. Or a brand’s commemorative event, customized hats play a very significant role, can let everyone deepen the brand’s impression and publicity efforts, is also a soft and broad implantation method.

Spot wholesale general customers require a low-cost and short-term procurement model. Often the requirements for hats are not high, or they are all disposable hats, so the target of purchasing hats is very popular, and the price requirements are naturally very low.

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