How to “harmonize” the hat with clothes

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1. People often ignore an important principle when buying hats, which is that they must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, when trying on a hat, you must stand in front of the dressing mirror and decide whether it matches the clothes on your body.

2. Don’t ignore the dress code. That is: petite girls should wear wide-brimmed hats, but the brim should not exceed the shoulder width. If a woman with a small figure wants to wear a brim hat, you must wear a hat with a brim at a certain angle, which will make you not look heavy and light.

3. When wearing clothes with shoulder pads, you should wear a hat with a brim at a certain angle, which will make you look chic, elegant and extraordinary. However, the flat roof without eaves can also be used.

4. Girls with “bangs” on their foreheads can wear the hat backwards, that is, on the back of the head; in addition, the choice of wearing a flat-topped brim hat is also very appealing.

5. It is best to choose a darker hat when wearing printed clothing. Do not wear a white cap while wearing a red or blue costume, and a blue or red cap will make you stand out.

6. It is wrong to choose to wear a hat of the same color as the body suit. Either the shoes are commensurate with the bag and contrast with the hat, or the shoes, the bag and the hat are commensurate with the clothing.

7. The longer you wear a hat, the less bloated it is.

8. The value of hats should match the value of clothing. Clothing is high-end, so hats cannot be sloppy. It should be noted that the hat with the same texture as the cloth will give a deep impression, otherwise, even the clothes will become inferior.

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