What is the role of baseball caps?

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Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball sports. Baseball sports are a baseball and ball sports with the main characteristics of baseball playing and a strong collective and antagonistic nature. Baseball caps are more widely developed internationally and have a greater impact, and are known as “combination of competition and wisdom.”

Baseball caps have the functions of shading, tressing, warmth, protection and decoration.

1. Protection: The baseball cap can be used to prevent small items from falling into the hair, such as preventing sand during baseball games.

2. Sunshade: Baseball caps play a role of sunshade due to the problem of the field and time when the baseball players are affecting the sight of the sun.

3. Decoration: With the development of baseball caps, the above four basic functional features of baseball caps can no longer meet the needs of modern people. Now baseball caps are becoming more and more fashionable and can be used as a decorative item.

4. Warmth: Baseball players play in winter or colder seasons, and baseball caps can play a role in keeping the head warm.

5. Hair ties: Baseball caps can restrain the athlete’s hair to avoid mistakes caused by excessively long hair during the game.

Baseball cap fabric has stretch cotton, cotton is used because cotton is more comfortable and skin-friendly, and is highly hygroscopic. The sweat band is an elastic band, and the elastic band can adapt to the head shape of more people.

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