What is the ad cap workmanship and price?

How to pay attention to the quality of the hat?
The difference between custom hats and spot hats.

Many beautiful women will take full sun protection measures in summer, especially supporting a colorful parasol, which is both sun-proof and fashionable, but in winter, they often ignore the power of sunlight and always chase after walking. The sun goes. In fact, because the air is dry and clear in winter and the transmittance of ultraviolet rays in the sun is not low, you must not take the winter sun lightly. Still should prevent excessive sun exposure. Then, in order to avoid the harm of ultraviolet rays, choosing a hat that matches the style and color of the clothing is nothing more than a smart and practical method. Here is the workmanship and price of the advertising cap:

After selecting the general fabric, you need to set a printing pattern. Cloth advertising caps can generally choose embroidery technology. The advantage of embroidery is that it feels relatively high-end and is not easy to fall, but it can only be made in a small area. The use of PVC, non-woven fabrics for advertising hats and paper hats, more choices for printing, especially paper hats. Generally, advertising caps are used for activities to achieve the effect of outdoor group publicity. So you need a large advertising area and bright colors.

General advertising caps embody the company’s image. Even if you send them for free, users also want to wear them, and often wear them. Therefore, the quality must keep up. Now everyone is demanding higher and higher quality. If only the price advantage is pursued, it will only reduce the level of advertising caps, and the products you want to sell are also reduced. Another note is size. Advertising caps produced by each factory have their own sizes. The size of a man’s hat is the number of centimeters around the head, so it is very convenient to buy. However, considering that some hats shrink after washing, they should be slightly larger when purchased.

The price of advertising hats is basically determined by the number of hats, printing color (area), size, and cloth. The higher the cost of the fabric, the higher the price. The more colors printed, the higher the price. But in general, the larger the quantity, the lower the price. Advertising caps are one of the current corporate image and corporate publicity methods, and are given to customers to do effective publicity for the company.

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