What can a hat do for hair?

The difference between custom hats and spot hats.
Hat and hairstyle

Wearing a hat can play a role in hair. Many people do n’t know the combination of hats and hairstyles. The combination of hats and clothing has become popular now. Actually, wearing hats has many benefits. Today I will tell you that wearing hats can give us hair To the role

What can a hat do for hair?

1 Protects hair against dust

Windy sand and dust in winter, especially in today’s era of increasingly serious pollution. When hair is blown into mess, the microorganisms and dust in the hair on the top of the head are like gravel on sandpaper, and one side is in your The scalp is raging, and while you comb and act daily, increase the friction between the comb and the hair and hair. Microbes that are invisible to the naked eye may cause bacteria to grow on your scalp, and even cause hair follicle infections, which directly affects the living environment and growth quality of hair. Friction will cause the fur on the surface of the hair to rise, and the surface of the hair will become rough. In severe cases, it will also cause split ends and breaks. At this time, wearing a comfortable and stylish hat is tantamount to wearing a coat that is both beautiful and protective, and effectively prevents the invasion of dust and microorganisms.

2 Keep your hair cold

The steamed bun is called “The Meeting of Zhuyang”. Medical research has found that when a person is not wearing a hat in a static state, when the ambient temperature is 15 ° C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total body heat, and 60% of the total heat is dissipated at 4 ° C. If the head is cold, it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, and lightly feel dizzy, headache, or cause scalp nutritional circulation disturbance and hair follicle metabolic dysfunction, resulting in nutritional imbalance of hair or a large amount of unnatural hair loss. Severe may also induce patronage of some diseases. It can be seen that, in cold winter, the head and other parts of the human body also need to keep warm and prevent cold.

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