Hat and hairstyle

What can a hat do for hair?
Baseball cap with knowledge

1.Big cap V for straight or curly hair

The big cap is almost a versatile hat with a full contour and a face-modifying effect, suitable for different face shapes. In addition, its handsome neutral style can increase the sense of fashion. So, if you don’t know what hat to choose, you might as well choose a big cap for yourself. The sweet-looking MM is especially suitable for wearing this hat.

Collocation method: If you use straight hair, you need to straighten the hair slightly to make it look more neat and more suitable for the shape of the hat. If paired with curly hair, smooth lines and slightly neat hair curls can make you look more cute.

2, peak cap for asymmetrical curls

A simple peaked cap is a very fashionable piece of equipment that can make people look sharp, but it is not suitable for everyone, and the matching is very important. This hat is the least suitable for straight hair, but it is more suitable for curly hair on one side, which can add a little taste to friends. Because this hat is relatively masculine, it needs a feminine look. In clothing, a slightly cool wild outfit can release artistic temperament.

Collocation method: bangs hang down loosely, the other side where the hair is concentrated is tied up with rubber bands or clips, and then the hair ends are heated with a curling stick, so that the curls are naturally scattered on the shoulders. A simpler method is to wrap your hair around your fingers when your hair is half wet, spray some styling products, and hold it up with your hands to blow dry.

The above is the function of wearing a hat for hair. I believe everyone also knows that if you need to know the hat, you can consult customer service.

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