How to choose a hat for different facial skin tones

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For hats with brim can also be changed, such as changing ribbons, cloth strips, etc. The brim can also grasp a variety of different angles. When you buy a hat, try on the mirror in the store and imagine that you can make several different shapes while practicing. The hat factory reminds you that if a hat is worn in multiple ways and fits your face shape, it is worth the money to take it home. Hat factory to tell different face and skin to choose different hats.

1. People with rosy complexion choose a wide range of colors for sun hats, which can coordinate with many colors. For people with gray skin tone, it is suitable to use intermediate colors with low purity, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, and lavender. Do not choose gorgeous colors.

2. People with yellow skin should not wear yellow and green hats. However, if dark brown, purple lotus, crab blue, beige and other colored hats are properly matched with clothing, better results can be achieved.

3. For people with white skin, there are more colors available for hats, but because white skin is easy to give people a sense of weakness, when choosing a hat, you should avoid choosing a white or nearly white color. People with dark skin should choose brightly colored hats. When paying attention to the overall effect of clothing.

4, human face shape is divided into egg, fat, square and national font. Fat-faced people will have larger faces if they wear dome hats and smaller hats, and a broad peaked hat is more appropriate. People with egg-shaped faces wear peaked caps, making their faces more up and down, and more weight loss. The dome cap is more suitable.

At the end of the article, the hat factory specifically told everyone that tall people should be large or small, otherwise they will feel light. People with small stature should have small hats and not large ones, otherwise they will feel heavy. Short women should not wear flat-top wide-brimmed hats, and tall women should not wear tall hats. Choosing hats should help you avoid weaknesses. You should wear them properly and make others look good.

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