Children hat design concept

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The requirements for children’s hats are relatively high. First of all, the style must be novel. Children’s hat factories decorate many children’s clothing with fashion elements such as rivets, sequins, rhinestones, etc. Although these fashionable little clothes are favored by many influential parents, they may have hidden dangers.

The industry reminds that some metal accessories and sharp light films on “adult children’s clothing” have certain safety risks. Decorations like some rivet sequins may be swallowed by children, causing suffocation, and some fur clothes are small Hair sucked by child

Ingestion can cause your child to become allergic or cough. In addition, the back of the embroidery pattern feels hard, which can easily scratch the baby’s skin.

In recent years, the domestic children’s wear industry has developed rapidly. The domestic sales of children’s wear hat factories have increased year by year, and the number of exports has also increased, forming a huge children’s consumer market.

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