What’s the use of winter hat terry?

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1.Blocking foreign objects such as snowflakes

Terry hair can block snowflakes, scum, or other foreign matter from entering the hat.

2.Buffer the impact of the brim on the face

Under extremely cold conditions, human skin is very fragile, and terry loops can reduce the possible damage to the face by the brim under high wind conditions.

Experiments have shown that, at minus 20 degrees and a strong eighth wind, the brim directly touches the human body, and the damage to the skin is no less than the damage caused by a regular knife falling from a half meter to the skin at normal temperature. In addition, the soft fur on the loops does not affect the vision of the movement. In snowy weather, this is very important for Newingtons who hunt for a living, and it is also important for friends who cross the road in the city on a cold day.

3, reduce the speed of air flow around the face

When the wind blows from the front side, the fine hair on the terry loops acts as a wind resistance, slowing down the normal flow of air in the face area.

4. Expand the horizontal area of the hat

The loops with long fine hairs expand the lateral area of the hat. When the wind blows from behind, the green vacuum area becomes larger.

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