What men’s hats sell well in winter

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As men pay more and more attention to the maintenance and appearance of their heads, in recent years, the sales of men’s hats in winter have shown an increasing trend year by year. Next, let’s take a look at what kind of men’s hats sell well in winter.

First of all, in terms of price, the prices of hot men’s winter hats are mostly concentrated in the low-to-medium price range of 40-80. The reason why hats at this price are best sold is determined by the general spending power and consumption mentality of consumer groups. Chinese men are pursuing cheap and good quality in hats and other apparel products, but at the same time have no confidence in the quality of products that are too cheap. So naturally, the low price products became the preferred price range.

The style is similar to that of women’s winter hats. It is the highest sales volume of Korean knitted hats, including fashion knitted hats including Korean knitted scarves. Although it may not be the Korean version as fake, but most of the flagship products in hat stores are labeled “Korean version”. It can be seen how affected by the Korean tide, the word “Korean version” has been sought after and favored by the Chinese this year.

However, unlike women’s hats, which are more fashionable, the men’s emphasis on practicality and the popularity of outdoor sports in winter make the Korean version of winter hats not obvious in sales. Men’s Lei Feng hats, middle-aged and elderly plush caps, and autumn and winter outdoor turban hats have also achieved good sales performance.

So to sum it up, mid-to-low price, fashionable and practical winter men’s hats are the favorite of male consumers. At the same time, the function of the hat is more in the direction of health and sports.

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