What is the label of the hat?

What is the classification of hats?
What do you need to do with the perfect combination of hair and hat?

Now everyone will wear a hat that suits them when they go out, so everyone will sometimes pay attention to some things about hats. Let’s talk to you about what is the label of the hat?

The label part of the hat is the inner ring of the lower mouth of the cap, and the circumference of the inner ring of the lower mouth of the cap is measured with a tape measure, and the obtained data is the cap number. The “number” is based on the size of the head circumference. The method of taking the cap is to use a measuring tape to measure the head (over the forehead and the most prominent part of the back of the head) for one week, and the measuring tape can rotate slightly. At this time, the circumference of the head is the head circumference size. The cap number is determined according to the size of the head circumference. The specifications of our hats start from the 46th, 46-56 are the children’s hats, 55-60 are the adult hats, and the 60th or above is the extra-large hats. The difference between the numbers is 1cm, which constitutes a series.

The hat factory thinks that all parts of the monochromatic cap should have the same color, and the color of the caps should be coordinated with each other; the warp and weft yarns are not misaligned, skewed, and the fabrics are obviously wrecked. The leather surface is neat, no lint, and insects. The accessories are complete and the brim has a certain hardness. The position of each part of the hat should meet the requirements, the stitching is neat, the color matching with the fabric is reasonable, and there is no open line, loose line and continuous jump stitch phenomenon. There is no obvious biased head and waist at the mouth of the hat, and the jaw is right and stuck. The surface of the woven hat is not allowed to have unevenness, unevenness, and uneven patterns. The cotton in the cotton cap should be spread evenly, and the nano-line should be dense. The decorative parts on the cap should be straight and coordinated, and the embroidery pattern should not go away, and it should not wrinkle. The ironing is flat and beautiful, and there is no screwing in the cap. The overall shape of the hat is clean, no stains, no creases, no damage, etc.

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