What is the classification of hats?

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What is the label of the hat?

The quality of the hat is generally reflected in the specifications, shape, materials, and production. Specifically, the size of the specification should meet the standard requirements; the shape should be elegant and reasonable, the structure should be reasonable, and the parts should be symmetrical or coordinated; the materials should meet the requirements. The position of each part of the hat should meet the requirements, the stitching is neat, the color matching with the fabric is reasonable, there is no opening, loose thread and continuous jumping stitch phenomenon; the hat mouth has no obvious concave head, the waist is right, the jam is suitable; the surface of the woven hat It is not allowed to have unevenness of unevenness, unevenness of tension and uneven pattern; the cotton in the cotton cap should be evenly spread, and the nanowire should be properly sealed; the decorative parts on the cap should be straight and coordinated; the embroidery pattern should not be worn, and it should not wrinkle; The ironing is flat and beautiful, and there is no screwing in the cap; the overall shape of the hat is clean, no stains, no creases, no damage, etc.

There are so many varieties of hats, and everyone is sure that their classification is not very well understood. The hat factory is good to explain for everyone:

1, the use of objects and styles: men’s hats, women’s hats, children’s hats, minority hats, couple hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military caps, police caps, professional caps, etc.

2, style features: beret, cap, bell cap, triangle cap, forward cap, youth cap, shawl cap, bonnet, dragon cap, Beijing cap, Shanxi cap, cotton ear cap, octagonal cap , melon caps, tiger head caps, etc.

3. Uses: snow caps, rain caps, sun hats, hard hats, dust caps, night caps, work caps, travel caps, hats, etc.

4, production materials: leather caps, felt hats, woolen caps, long hair caps, cashmere caps, straw hats, bamboo buckets and so on.

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