Baseball cap selection and washing method

The history of the development of baseball caps
How to choose a spring and summer hat?

The baseball cap was developed along with the baseball game. After the popularization, it was not only the hat of the baseball team. Baseball caps of all styles and brands are now popular around the world.

Baseball cap

The choice of baseball cap:

People with Chinese characters wear all the hats.

Wearing a round cap on the round face, it looks like a big face and a small hat. Such as wearing a wide cap is more appropriate.

A sharp-faced person wearing a cap makes the face appear big and small, and is even thinner. Therefore, wearing a dome cap is more appropriate.

A taller baseball cap should not be small, otherwise it will give people a light and heavy feeling.

The short person is the opposite. A tall woman should not wear a high baseball cap, otherwise the feeling is “again”. A short lady should not wear a flat-topped baseball cap and it will look shorter.

Washing of baseball caps:

Regular hand washing, the general hat will not shrink. Wash with cold water or warm water at about 30 degrees. Do not wash with too hot water, so that the hat will not shrink after washing. Wash your hat with soap and do not wash it with detergent.

The baseball cap fabric has elastic cotton, and the cotton is because the cotton is more comfortable and friendly to the skin, and has strong moisture absorption. The sweat band is an elastic band, and the elastic can adapt to more people’s head shape.

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