How to choose a spring and summer hat?

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The cold winter has passed, the spring and summer season is coming, and it is the season that everyone likes. Everyone can be happy and happy to wear the clothes of their favorite spring garden season. I believe that there must be no hats in the spring season. select. In summer, the most unbearable thing for everyone is the strong ultraviolet rays. In order to effectively fight, it is also a sunscreen, but also wearing sunglasses, the effect is average. So, how to add a weapon in addition to the 18 weapons to defend against foreign enemies? Now tell everyone a better way: bring a hat with your overall style.

Hats can not only help us resist UV rays, but also mix and match in the summer to enhance the fashion sense, making you a stylish and elegant beauty. Here’s a look at the styles of several hats:

1, floral gift hat

The bored body is matched with the printed petals, which are fresh and sweet, just like they have just been picked from the garden. But remember not to match the floral skirt, or it looks full of flowers, but too heavy, missed the bright spot. This style is very suitable for trousers and shirts with simple style, and can be instantly transformed into European and American stars.

2, fisherman hat

Have you ever imagined the plot in the movie, the old fishermen on the beach, the children selling newspapers on the street, no matter how tattered they are, they always wear a felt hat to show their identity.

Also, in the spring and summer seasons, the color of the hat can be selected to be fresher and brighter. It is not necessary to choose a hat with a thick material and a darker color as in winter. Because the hats of the spring and summer seasons should also take into account the factors of shading when considering the style.

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