Hip hop hat culture

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Hip-hop hat is a popular hat nowadays. It is very popular among young people who dance hip-hop. It is a symbol of the trend for hip-hop people. The hip-hop hats wear their own hip-hop hat symbol. The style is also a manifestation of a non-mainstream form. Hats and their hip-hop culture are inseparable and are an important part of hip-hop culture.

The origin of the hat;

In addition to the intrinsic characteristics of appearance, body, manners and temperament, the outer beauty of people is also an indispensable part of the beautiful melodies.

In ancient times, there were no hats and towels. People used silk or linen towels to wrap their heads or tie them. Nowadays, the “headscarves” used by the southwestern minority are the legacy of ancient towels. During the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wu was easy to use for his own army. He specially made the towel into a shape with four corners. At that time, it was called “Taro”, and it was actually the earliest hat in China. Later, the four-corner cap gradually changed to two long angles extending to the left and right, thereby evolving into a black hat. The two corners that protruded from the left and right crossed behind the head and developed into the helmet of the military officer. Not only does China have an ancient history of hat development, but abroad also used hats as a symbol of rights and status. In the early days of Rome, hats were the symbol of free and legal citizens, and slaves could only cover their heads to cover the sky.


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