How to match a wide-brimmed hat?

Hip hop hat culture
How to distinguish the hat number of the hat?

There are many functions of the hat, it can play a very good warmth effect, let’s introduce the matching way of various hats.

1, wide-brimmed hat

The wide-brimmed hat is also a lady’s hat in the usual sense. Because the style of the wide-brimmed hat is elegant and noble, it is very popular among white-collar ladies. Its material is generally based on light and elegant hemp yarn, and now there are many special synthetic fabrics. In addition to the wide size of the hat, the change of the shape of the hat is also a highlight of it. Whether it is ruffled or curled or irregular, it gives a sense of freshness and elegance. Such a hat with a large skirt is a perfect fit.

2, sports cap

This summer’s sports caps are most popular in the style of cotton or denim. The colors are mainly black and white, and there are also many beautiful prints that are suitable for young girls. A tall girl, wearing a sports cap, has a cool British atmosphere.

3, dome narrow hat round

The top narrow cap has two main styles. The first one is the hat tube is deep, the hat is narrow and rolled, and the decorative flower near the brim is gorgeous and exaggerated. My6_7fs is accompanied by a georgette printed low-waist dress, which is especially retro-like in the 1930s and 1940s. . Another kind of narrow-necked hat, also known as a fishing cap, is mainly made of cotton, and the side of the hat is turned upside down, which has a full summer leisure feeling.

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