Which material hats are suitable for the elderly?

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Summer is coming, many people will definitely go out with their hats when they go out. The sun is so big, and the hat is a must. So now many hat manufacturers will design and produce more different kinds of hats. Today, we will talk about the hooded styles of different ages. Let’s talk about the places where the elderly choose hats. What kind of material hats do you need for the elderly?

First of all, the material of the hat should be soft, light and warm. People with strong sebaceous glands and more hair and oil should wear a breathable, thin hat, and always brush them to remove oil and sweat. People who are weaker and more susceptible to colds should use hats made of wool or wool. So how do you buy hats for the elderly? People who are old enough to wear hats, especially in the cold winters of winter, wearing hats is a very good way to keep the elderly. Pay attention to the following points when wearing a hat for the elderly.

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1. The hat should also pay attention to the breathability of the hat when ensuring good warmth. When choosing a hat for the elderly, it is not a good idea to keep warm. It is better to keep the breathability of the hat together to ensure warmth and windproof. . Especially in the winter when the climate is cold, the air pressure will be larger than usual, so that people will have difficulty breathing, so it is also a matter of concern when selecting the elderly hat.

2, the hat of the elderly should choose good raw materials. In the winter, when purchasing the old-age hat, try to choose the hat of the rabbit hair. The rabbit fur hat not only keeps warm, but also softens the material, and the head feels comfortable.

3, the length of the hat should be appropriate, for the elderly hat is not the bigger the hat, the longer the better, appropriate to cover the wearer’s ear. Otherwise, it will affect the hearing of the elderly. The ear of the old man is not very good, so pay attention to the details of the selection of the elderly hat.

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