Hat size is big, solving skills

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When you choose your own dressing, you will choose the hat as the main point of the match. Generally speaking, the hat plays a big role in the matching of the clothes. In order to make the face look less plump, some girls will choose a longer cap and an asymmetric hat, which will increase the length of the face and make it three-dimensional. At the same time, the octagonal cap is also suitable for round-faced women, and the exaggerated brim will make people feel smaller. Also remind people that people with short necks don’t choose colorful hats.

In general, the position of the hat on the top of the eyebrows will be very attractive, but the person with a short face can wear the hat slightly backwards; while the friend with a round face or a big face can wear the hat to the side, there will be Reduce the effect of the face. But sometimes when you buy a hat, you will buy a big hat. You can’t change it at this time. How can you do this? Today, the hat manufacturer came to tell you how to buy a big hat. Do it?

Many pros who bought a hat will encounter this problem, that is, the hat washes or wears for a long time (the main knit hat) will become bigger. Today, I will teach you a trick to easily solve the trouble of getting bigger around the hat.

1. Find the position of the hat sweat belt, and slightly narrow the sweat belt according to your head circumference, let the needle penetrate from the inside of the sweat belt, it is not easy to see the thread.

2. The two stitches are stitched together and the stitching part may need to be adjusted several times to fit the head circumference.

3, this can shrink the hat, and if you shrink, you can not worry that the hat is too big.

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