What about hat craftsmanship?

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Hats are clothing worn on the head, most of which cover the entire top of the head. It can protect the head. This is the main function. Some hats have protruding edges to cover the sun. There is also a hat that can be used to dress up and also protect hair styles. If you are unfortunately bald, wearing a hat will not be found, or it will be part of a uniform or religious clothing. Can be different types, such as high hat, sun hat and so on. Let ’s learn more about some useful features of hats that are so useful with hat manufacturers:

Before making the hat, you need to prepare some ingredients and accessories, such as hat strips, lining strips, hat labels, special hat brims, buckles, elastic bands, linings, decorative cloths, buttons, etc., ready for use. The production of hats can be roughly divided into shaping method, cutting method, compression method, knitting method, etc. according to design requirements.

1, shaping method

Refers to the use of plastic, rubber and other materials in the special mold is shaped, and after lining, lining, support. Helmets are mostly made this way.

2, cutting method

Ravioli is the most commonly used method of cap making. According to the design requirements, the fabric is cut into a certain shape, and quilted with lining and auxiliary materials.

3, compression method

The felt is shaped on the mold, and it is stitched after curling. Some hats are moulded and then cut and sewn, and decorated with flowers, ribbons, etc., with better results. Some berets and crimped top hats are made by molding.

4. Knitting method

Is especially common in hat making. Knitting materials include processed fiber materials such as rope, wicker, bamboo, wheat straw, linen, and grass. There are many methods of knitting, including overall knitting and partial knitting and then stitching; dense knitting, hollow knitting, double-layer and multi-layer knitting are unique in shape, beautiful and applicable. On the basis of knitting, lace, flowers, Beads, feathers, etc. This method is very popular and enduring, it is very popular.

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