How to wash and match the cap?

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Hats are something that everyone usually comes into contact with. When you choose it, you have to choose the right hat according to your face shape. There are three main types of human face: square (national face), round (round face) and pointed (pointed face). Wearing a round hat with a round face makes her face look big and her hat small. Such as wearing a wide peaked cap is more appropriate. Sharp-faced people wear peaked caps to make their faces bigger and smaller, and they are even thinner. Therefore, wearing a dome hat is more appropriate. People with Chinese characters face wear all kinds of hats.

First, let me talk about the knowledge points about collocation:

1. Peaked hat + letter color matching long sweater: The letter-shaped loose color matching gown also has sports style, it is more suitable with a peaked hat. Casual gowns will not cause visual conflict with hats. The combination of pile socks and casual shoes is also quite stylish. Wearing sunglasses is even more handsome.

2, peaked hat + T-shirt + hip skirt: Peak cap and hip skirt can also be their own. Casual loose solid color T-shirt with contrasting color package hip skirt is full of youthful color, mix and match with the cap, as long as a pair of wave shoes to balance the impact on style is OK.

3. Peak cap + dress + cardigan jacket: The combination of dress and cardigan sweater is very sporty, giving people a comfortable and flexible feel. The integration of the peaked cap adds color to the look.

After learning about the mix of caps, let’s talk about washing methods:

1, conventional hand washing, washing with cold or warm water about 30 degrees.

2. When washing the hat, it is best to wash it with soap, not with detergent. After washing the hat, do not twist it by hand, let it air dry.

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