Leather hat cleaning trick

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Hats are a must-have item for girls. I believe that many ladies who love beauty will buy a leather hat. So, do you know how to clean the leather hat? If it is not too late, let us follow the hat manufacturer to see the hat. Coup.

How to clean the leather hat coup 1: use toothpaste as a detergent. But remember that toothpaste can not always be used, it is recommended to go to the supermarket to buy detergents that specialize in washing leather products.

How to clean the leather hat coup 2: If you can’t do it or if you are a lazy person, you should still send it to a place where you can clean the leather goods.

How to clean the leather hat coup 3: Washing with 90% alcohol is better, it is scrubbed with a clean and colorless towel, this is the best way to wash yourself. If the leather hat is light and dirty, there is no way for professionals. Unless it is dark, you can use color to cover the dirty color, but the effect is also not ideal. The light color is even more Needless to say.

I believe that you have already understood the cleaning method of the hat through the above explanation!

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