Customized hat details determine success or failure

How would the cap be cleaned?
Analyze the problem that the head wears a hat to consider

Everyone said: The details determine success or failure. The details of the hat customization are also important, and it may determine the fate of a factory. Don’t underestimate a small hat. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it. Let’s talk to you about some basic knowledge of size control in hat customization.

In order to be able to produce a hat of precise size, the factory introduces the latest advanced equipment from Europe, accurately calculates the computer, accurately grasps the size of the keyhole and the buckle of the hat, and strictly follows the requirements of the customer, loyal to the sample. . The positioning of the laser technology ensures the precision of the cutting size, the flatness of the incision, the accurate estimation of the number of cuttings, the cost saving, and the best use.

In addition, when it comes to custom-made details that are not very eye-catching: sweat band.

As the name implies, the function of the sweat belt is to give the user wearing the hat the function of wicking or sweating. The sweat belt is very choiceal, different materials and different thicknesses. The industry is called 4-wire all-inclusive sweat belt or pig intestinal sweat belt. The most high-grade method of sweat belt, of course, the cost of this method is much more expensive than the ordinary sweat belt, the sewing is fine, the performance of the performance cap is bright, the stage effect is good, the stitching is firm and durable.

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