There are many types of hat logos, which are generally divided into adhesive tape, plastic, cotton, satin, leather, and gold.
And so on, logo printing methods are ever-changing, such as weaving, printing, embroidery, printing and so on.
The following are commonly used:
1. Trademarks, also known as woven labels, are mainly used for logos and other decoration.
2. Hang tags for brand characteristics.
3. Washing ironing label, used to indicate washing and maintenance methods.
4.Specification table, indicating the specifications.
5. Brand logo.
6. Barcode.
7. Special certification mark, the special mark of the product.
8. Other webbing.


1.Inflatable pressure-resistant transparent packaging

2.Hat holder plastic packing box

3.Custom carton packaging

Our company generally supports customer customization, unless otherwise specified, we will use plastic inner packaging and carton packaging. For the label, we usually use  embroidery,3d embroidery,woven labels, applique, patches.

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