Suede refers to the suede on the surface of the leather (the side that grows hairs or scales) is made of nubuck, and the suede is called nubuck. The two-layer suede is called the two-layer suede. Because suede has no coating, its breathability is better and its flexibility is improved, but its water resistance, dust resistance and maintainability are poor, and the fastness of nubuck without grain becomes lower.
Suede leather products are comfortable to wear and have good hygienic properties. However, in addition to suede leather made by oil tanning, suede leather is easy to dirty and difficult to clean and maintain. Multi-purpose pigskin, cowhide, and sheepskin are made by chrome tanning method. Suede leather is only sanded and dyed, without finishing, good sanitation performance and poor maintainability. Common quality requirements are fine and uniform fluff, no discoloration, good water resistance, and no greasy feeling. Mainly used for: leather shoes, leather clothing, bags, gloves, hats, etc.


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