Matching skills of various hats

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Hats are now an indispensable match for many girls going out. It is summer now. At this time, hats will play a bigger role, that is, sun protection. This also shows that the hat has the functions of shading, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types and choices. First of all, we must choose the right hat according to the face shape. Secondly, choose a hat according to your body shape. Wearing a hat is the same as wearing clothes. The form and color of the hat must match the clothing. Let’s take a look at the hat manufacturers for everyone to talk about the matching skills of various hats:

1. Sombrero

The wide-brimmed hat is also a lady’s hat in the usual sense. Because the style of the wide-brimmed hat is elegant and noble, it is very popular with white-collar ladies. Its material is generally light and elegant hemp yarn, and now there are many special synthetic fabrics. In addition to the wide brim of this kind of hat, the transformation of the shape of the brim is also a highlight of it. Whether it is ruffled edge, curled edge or irregular shape, it gives a fresh and elegant feeling. Such a hat is suitable for a long skirt with a large skirt.

2. Dome narrow-brimmed hat round

There are two main styles of the narrow hat. The first is a deep hat tube with a narrow brim, and the decorative flowers near the brim are gorgeous and somewhat exaggerated. Coupled with a georgette printed low-waist long skirt, it has a vintage taste like Hollywood stars in the 30s and 40s. Another kind of narrow-brimmed hat, also known as a fishing hat, is mainly made of cotton. The front edge of the hat is turned up, which has a full sense of summer leisure.

3. Sports cap

This summer’s sports hats are most popular in cotton or denim with large front eaves. The colors are mainly black and white solid colors, and there are also many beautiful printed patterns suitable for young girls. The tall girl, wearing a sports cap, has a brave spirit.

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