What is the size and cap size of children?

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The weather is getting cold, parents will buy a hat for their baby to keep warm, and most parents will encounter such a problem when buying a hat, is to choose a good style, choose a good color but do not know how big to choose for the baby Hat, the following editor will tell you how to choose a suitable hat for your baby. How is it? Is the mother ready? Pick up the soft ruler and measure the baby’s head. But when you measure your head, you must pay special attention to it. The following is a list for everyone:

1. When measuring, the gesture should not be too loose or too tight, otherwise the measured data will not be accurate.

2. The soft ruler used for measurement must not be too soft, otherwise the measured data will be greatly out of standard.

3. If the baby girl has a small pigtail usually, do n’t forget to spread the pigtail and measure it, otherwise no standard data will appear for any mother to measure it.

The above is the self-assessment of the mother at home, which cannot be taken as a final conclusion. If you want to obtain professional data, please also ask the mother to bring the baby to a special testing institution, such as a health care center, child care center, etc., and ask the doctor to give the measurement. Finally, I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to everyone!

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