What are the tips for washing and maintaining hats?

Precautions when maintaining and storing the hat
What is the size and cap size of children?

1. It is best to stuff the knitwear hat with crumpled paper and cloth after washing, and then dry it.

2. The leather cap can be cleaned by slicing the onion, or you can wipe it with gasoline and wipe it with a feather, which can achieve a good washing effect.

3. Do not wash the woolen hat, because the wool will shrink. If the hat is stained with dust or pet hair, etc., you can use a wide-faced tape and fold it on your fingers to stick it on. However, it is easy to shorten the life of the secondary cleaning. If it is necessary to clean it, dry cleaning is the most appropriate method.

4. The stain on the fine felt cap can be scrubbed with a mixture of ammonia and equal amount of alcohol. Dip a piece of silk cloth into this mixture before scrubbing. Do not make the hat too wet, otherwise it will easily get out of shape.

Hat maintenance tips

Pay attention to maintenance and storage. After taking off the hat, do not place it casually. It should be hung on a coat rack or on a clothes hook. Do not press on it to avoid distortion. The hat has been worn for a long time, and the inside and outside of the hat will be stained with grease and dirt, which should be washed off in time. The cap lining can be removed, washed, and stretched to prevent the sweat and mold on the cap lining from affecting the life of the hat. Brush the ash on the hat often. The mud and greas adhered to the cap surface can be scrubbed gently with a soft brush dipped in hot soapy water, and then washed with water. When washing the hat, you can find a round pot or porcelain basin that is the same size as the hat, and wear the hat on it before washing, so as not to get out of shape.

When the hat is stored: brush away the dust, wash away the dirt, dry it in the sun, wrap it in paper, put it in a hat box, store it in a ventilated and dry place, and put a desiccant in the storage box. Protect from moisture. The removal and cleaning of the hat is relatively special. There are some that cannot be soaked in water (such as feathers, sequins, or hats with a paper liner). If the hat is made of cotton, you can wash it. It’s bad luck over time. Because he has a three-dimensional shape, it is most taboo to use a washing machine.

Clean coup for leather hat

How to clean a leather hat

Use toothpaste as a detergent. But remember that toothpaste cannot always be used. It is recommended to go to the supermarket to buy detergents that specialize in cleaning leather products.

How to clean leather hats

If it doesn’t work or you are a lazy person, you still have to send it to a place where you can clean leather goods.

How to clean leather hats

It is better to wash with 90% alcohol. It is best to wash with a clean, colorless towel. This is the best way to wash by yourself. If this leather hat is light and dirty, it is impossible for professionals, except for dark ones, you can use the color to cover the dirty color, but the effect is also not ideal, and the light color is even more Needless to say.


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