Sun hat purchase points

How to match the sun hat?
How to choose a baseball cap according to different skin colors?

The sun hat has the functions of covering the wind on a cloudy day, and shading on a sunny day. It is an essential daily product for men, women and children. Sun hat refers to the hat used to shield the sun, with a brim and different styles. Hat for summer sunshade or sunshade at high altitudes. Made of cloth, grass, plastic, etc. The top of the cap is hemispherical. Some add lotus leaf edges to the forehead or both sides to block more sunlight. Women’s sun hats have small cloak-shaped pieces behind the neck to protect the neck; men’s sun hats have stiff tongues at the front or are equipped with sun-shaded lenses. Some hats have an overhanging canopy called a visor.

1. According to the figure

Choose a hat based on your figure. The height of a person’s hat should not be large or small, otherwise it will give people a feeling of lightness and weight. The short ones are the opposite. Tall women should not wear tall caps, otherwise they feel like they have grown again. Short girls should not wear flat-brimmed hats, they will look shorter. Wearing hats is the same as wearing clothes. You should try your best to avoid weaknesses. Even if you are satisfied, you must make people look elegant.

2. According to face shape

There are mainly three types of face shapes: square (national character face), round (round face) and pointed (pointed face). Wearing a round hat with a round face makes her face look big and her hat small. Such as wearing a wide peaked cap is more appropriate. Sharp-faced people wear peaked caps, which make their faces bigger and smaller, and they are even thinner. Therefore, wearing a dome hat is more appropriate. People with Chinese characters face wear all kinds of hats.

3 according to clothing

The form and color of the hat must be matched with clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies with glasses, do n’t wear hats with intricate floral decorations on them, do n’t cover the forehead with the hat, the hat should be higher, so that you can show your chic and elegant temperament.

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