How to match the sun hat?

How to choose a hat for your child?
Sun hat purchase points

The sun hat has many functions, among which the sun hat has the functions of shading, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types and collocations. Let’s teach everyone how to match the sun hat!

The polka dot patterned sun hat with the light gray long skirt is very layered, and it also reflects your lively and generous temperament.

The beige white linen sun hat with light-colored ladies and women make you look refreshing and pleasant.

The colorful straw visor is suitable for matching simple clothes or the same type of decor, so that it will not make the shape look messy and unfocused.

The small felt hat made of bamboo is paired with playful vests and jeans.

Sporty baseball hot cap will make you full of vitality, and the hollow design on the top of the head will not make the head feel particularly hot during exercise.

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