What does the hat have to do with human skin when paired?

What does a baseball cap do?
How to pay attention to the quality of the hat?

There are many types of hats. According to the purpose, there are snow hats, rain hats, sun hats, hard hats, dust hats, night hats, work hats, travel hats, and top hats. According to the use objects and styles, there are men’s hats, Women’s hats, children’s hats, minority hats, couple hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military hats, police hats, professional hats, etc .; according to the production materials, there are leather hats, felt hats, woolen hats, long-hair hats, Fleece hat, straw hat, bamboo bucket hat, etc .; according to style characteristics, there are beret hat, peaked hat, bell hat, triangle pointed hat, forward hat, youth hat, shawl hat, toque hat, Longjiang hat, Beijing style Hats, Shanxi hats, cotton ear hats, octagonal hats, melon skin hats, tiger head hats, etc.

When matching hats, I usually divide my skin color and then match them. Beautiful style hats, but everyone likes it, but it is more important to choose a hat that suits your skin color. In the previous hat factory, I shared with you black skin. How should MM match the hat? Below, the hat factory will divide the skin color of white and black to match the hat.

For people with white skin, it is not advisable to wear a cold-colored hat, otherwise the paleness of the face will be more prominent. People of this complexion should wear light-toned hats such as blue, yellow, light orange, light rose, and light green. In addition, a heavy yellow with a black or violet decorative color, or a violet with a yellow-brown decorative color is also suitable for women. Beige or brown is also very suitable for people with white skin.

For men with darker skin, it does n’t matter if the face shape is standard. If the face is wider, it is suitable to wear a jazz hat and a hat. These ca n’t be caps, and I personally think that boys have too many octagonal hats and beret hats. As for the color, you can try the smoky gray skin, and the brown color is more western, and the style also looks very calm. It is also reasonable for people with dark skin to wear brown hats. How to wear a bright-colored hat for people with dark complexions can form a black and white contrast, which increases the charm of lightness and high contrast.

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