How should I wear a fashion hat?

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Today’s trendy men and women like to use stylish hats for an overall decoration. Then, the color of the hat is very particular. Properly matched is a beautiful scenery.

1. The simple black top hat outlines a simple and clean image, and the metal chain decoration brings a handsome feeling to the original rigid top hat. Paired with a black woolen coat and metallic blue high heels, it exudes a sophisticated yet trendy temperament.

2, punk girls also have their own choices, the basic style of baseball cap is the same choice. And the white whole, the English wording and the red brim groove make the whole look dynamic enough to rock your world.

3. White top hat is also a good choice. The decoration of the brown ribbon makes up for the lack of single color. With the hippocampus sweater, light-colored pencil pants and white crocodile mouth high heels, the whole body has a natural and fresh feeling.

4. If you think the wool hat is too monotonous, try this hat with rivets. It adds a silver rivet decoration to the basic model, with a small black leather jacket, which echoes the rivets on the collar of the jacket, exuding a handsome atmosphere.

5, wine red top hat is the only choice to set off the aristocratic temperament. Paired with pure black sunglasses, red lipstick and burgundy flannel high waist skirt, it seems to be back in medieval nobility time.

6, burgundy rivet beret looks stylish and versatile. Make the small black suit less serious and old-fashioned, with a striped bottoming shirt, exuding navy style, the model as a whole looks playful and cute.

7, black rivet baseball cap and black rivet shorts perfect combination. The whole body in black and high-platform high-heeled shoes make the whole exude a cool and gorgeous atmosphere, set off the model’s quiet temperament.

8. How does the woolen hat bring out a different feeling? Then try this cute cat ear woolen hat. In the cold winter, the thick package is matched with a super fresh feeling.

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