Matching face and hat

The role of the ladies beret
Wearing a hat

The hat is a beautiful and protective outerwear, which can effectively block the invasion of dust and microorganisms. It is now very popular.

The hat has the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many types and the choices are also particular. First choose the appropriate hat based on the face. Second, choose a hat according to your body. Wear a hat and dress as much as possible, and try to avoid weaknesses. The form and color of the hat must be matched with the costumes.

Face and hat match:

1, oval: suitable for large brim, flat brim or a hat with a slope.

2. Round: A longer crown with an asymmetrical brim can increase the length of the face without making the face look too full.

3, heart shape: choose a small and high hat, so that people will not pay attention to your small chin, avoid large and heavy styles. Hats are the best decorations for women. They are much larger than shoes or handbags. They play a finishing touch in women’s overall attire. It combines practical value with ornamental value, and it is a continuation of female personality and the unique charm of the individual.

4, square: irregular edges and conspicuous caps will make the face look more beautiful; and the hat is worn at an angle, which can soften the edges of the face.

5. Triangle: Choose a short and asymmetrical brim or high hat crown that will line your eyes and keep your eyes away from your chin.

6, long: to avoid the brim is too narrow; moderate brim can make the face look wider.

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