How do you choose a hat during the rainy season?

What are the taboos for people wearing hats?
What do you need to pay attention to when wearing a big hat?

Now, in some places, when it is raining, it will rain for a week. But at this time, everyone will go out to play. When playing outside, sometimes when you are in the rain, you definitely don’t want to bring an umbrella, so wearing a hat is the best choice. But everyone knows what kind of hats you can choose to match in the rainy days. What kind of hat can you wear on a rainy day and you can effectively shelter yourself from the wind and rain? Let’s take a look at it:
The hat that is most unsuitable for wearing on a rainy day is a hat like a soft side of a fisherman’s hat. Although it can be covered with an umbrella to cover the rain in rainy days, sometimes it is very difficult to take care of when the rain gets on the hat, and the wet fisherman’s hat is not easy to clean. Sun hats are not necessary to wear on rainy days. In the rainy days, the sun is not so strong. The main thing is that the sun hats usually have a large area and are not well managed on rainy days.
The most suitable hat to wear on rainy days is the baseball cap. The baseball cap is a great design. It can fit almost any environment. Wearing a baseball cap on a rainy day is fashionable and easy to care for.

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