How to choose the sunhat that suits us?

How to choose a golf cap that suits you
What are the types of hats?

Every summer, even the hot sun can’t stop people from going out to play. Therefore, in the hot summer, it is a compulsory course to choose a suitable sun hat for yourself and your family. However, the current variety of visors and styles are varied. So, how do you choose the visor that suits us?

1. Baseball Cap: The logo of a baseball player, born for sports. Therefore, it is most suitable for tourism, leisure and sports. The long curved cap can block the sun. The adjustable elastic band or Velcro is suitable for different head circumferences. The cotton, polyester and oxford materials absorb moisture and are not suitable for deformation. In the latter half, the mesh design is used more, and the gas permeability is better. For women, baseball caps also have the benefit of helping the hair. Baseball caps are generally domes, and there are also square tops, and there are many variations.

2. Big hat: It is a hat with a big brim. It should be said that the big hat is designed for ladies. I only think of Grandpa’s big straw hat when I wear the big hat. The large brim provides a full range of protection for ladies. And in keeping with the trend of the times, the current big hats use a lot of fashion elements, such as lace, bows, ribbons and so on. Materials are also more diverse, such as lafoam and polyester mix. Therefore, ladies can choose different styles of clothes to match. The big hat and the colorful dress are a classic match, showing the lady’s ladylike style.


3. Cowboy Hat: One of the symbols of American cowboys, it is extremely functional, similar to a big hat. However, the cowboy hat has been transformed into a wild and rough appearance, and there are great changes in the material. Both men and women, wearing a cowboy hat, immediately had a handsome wild temperament.

4. Fisherman’s Hat: It is also called a bucket cap. The edge is narrow and small. It can be worn very deep. It is equipped with a pair of large sunglasses. It is a leisurely and casual style. The fisherman’s cap is made of nylon, canvas and polyester. The fisherman’s hat is not easy to wrinkle and deform, so it is very suitable for carrying. It is very convenient to put it in the pocket when you roll it freely.

5. Top hats: There are many categories of hats, such as jazz hats, bowlers, panama hats, etc. In the summer, a rattan hand-woven exquisite hat with a clean white shirt or white skirt can easily create a refreshing and stylish holiday style.

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