What is the difference between a cotton cap and a polyester cap?

How to choose a golf cap that suits you

Hats and fashion, matching fashion

Hats must be matched with outerwear, scarves, gloves, skirts, pants, etc. This means that hats and them should be integrated in style, shape and color, and cooperate with each other to give people a harmonious and beautiful enjoyment. Otherwise, it s […]

Pick a golf cap that suits you

Feeling stressed in a noisy urban environment, when you are upset, bring a beloved club and get a few friends to go to the green golf course to swing a few shots is nothing more than a pleasure. After carefully choosing what to wear, do you start to […]

What is the role of baseball caps?

Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball sports. Baseball sports are a baseball and ball sports with the main characteristics of baseball playing and a strong collective and antagonistic nature. Baseball caps are more widely developed in […]

Brief introduction of the maintenance method of baseball cap

The reason why baseball caps are called baseball caps is mainly popular from the United States. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most players who defend a team in the game are required to wear a baseball cap, so many fans will also […]

How to “harmonize” the hat with clothes

1. People often ignore an important principle when buying hats, which is that they must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, when trying on a hat, you must stand in front of the dressing mirror and decide whether it matches the clothes […]

Baseball caps suddenly become fashionable

Boys custom-made baseball caps are used to play cool, but girls are used to play cute. A baseball cap, with a handsome or cute or sexy dress, is especially full of charm when it is reflected on the woman. The slender skin of the woman and the cool ca […]

Matching skills of various hats

Hats are now an indispensable match for many girls going out. It is summer now. At this time, hats will play a bigger role, that is, sun protection. This also shows that the hat has the functions of shading, decoration, warming and protection. Theref […]

Can a cap make many girls face-lift?

Many people now pay special attention to their appearance, especially when they go out to play with a hat. It can be sun-protected and can be matched with your own clothes. But many girls who love beauty will think that they can thin face. The follow […]

What is the size and cap size of children?

The weather is getting cold, parents will buy a hat for their baby to keep warm, and most parents will encounter such a problem when buying a hat, is to choose a good style, choose a good color but do not know how big to choose for the baby Hat, the […]

What are the tips for washing and maintaining hats?

1. It is best to stuff the knitwear hat with crumpled paper and cloth after washing, and then dry it. 2. The leather cap can be cleaned by slicing the onion, or you can wipe it with gasoline and wipe it with a feather, which can achieve a good washin […]

Hats in daily life have the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection, especially in summer and winter. What is the difference between polyester cotton and cotton? For everyone, simply say:

The cotton hat is all cotton, feels very good and is comfortable to wear. Cotton hats have better sweat absorption because cotton has better moisture absorption. Under normal circumstances, pure cotton can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is about 8-10%, so it can be closer to the human scalp, making people feel comfortable and soft, not very stiff.

Polyester cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton. Because it is artificial mixed cotton, there are many advantages, such as quick drying, no ironing, light resistance and so on. However, compared with pure cotton, today’s Xiaobian only said that the gap applied to the hat, polyester cotton may be superior to pure cotton in other uses. But on the hat, the biggest disadvantage compared with pure cotton is that it is not easy to perspire, and it feels like a stab, it is easy to get static electricity. Our head is easy to sweat, and it is also a part of sweating, so if the fabric is not easy to absorb sweat and perspiration, it is not good for the use of the hat, especially the outdoor sports cap type.

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